Ducks’ Manson gets booted for throat-slash gesture after hit by Leafs’ Kadri

Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri was fined $5,000 earlier this season for a throat-slash gesture, and Thursday night he was on the receiving end of a similar gesture after being penalized for a hit on Ducks defenseman Josh Manson.

Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri found himself in some hot water in February following a throat-slash gesture made to Calgary Flames defenseman Mark Giordano. Well, Kadri is again involved in a similar situation, but this time it was he who was the target of the act.

Kadri was penalized late in the third period of Thursday’s contest against the Anaheim Ducks after he delivered a hit from behind on Anaheim Ducks defenseman Josh Manson. As Kadri was being escorted to the penalty box, Manson stared down Kadri and made a throat-slash gesture, which was nearly identical to the one that landed Kadri a $5,000 fine. The referees caught the motion by Manson and booted him from the game:

The Kadri and Manson gestures are similar in that both came after hits that downed them. Kadri’s gesture to Giordano came after the Flames blueliner levelled the Leafs pivot, and Manson’s came following the rough ride into the boards from Kadri. The difference, though, is that Manson was ejected from the contest.

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There’s no word whether the league is officially reviewing Manson’s gesture yet, but given the situation and the penalty to Manson, chances are the league will at least take a look. And, following Kadri’s fine earlier in the season, it seems the likely course of action will be to slap Manson with a similar $5,000 fine, which is the maximum allowable amount under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and a punishment that would match what Kadri received.

(Video via DucksNPucks)