Dwight King skips puck past Martin Brodeur from center ice

Thursday night’s game against the Los Angeles Kings wasn’t a fun one for Blues netminder Martin Brodeur. Watch as St. Louis’ veteran goalie gets scored on by a crazy bounce from center as the Kings capped off a 6-4 victory.

Martin Brodeur didn’t have the best night last night in Los Angeles. He surrendered six goals, the Blues blew a 3-0 lead, and to top it off, he allowed a goal from center ice.

While this isn’t exactly in Rob Davison/Vesa Toskala territory, this is certainly in the conversation of craziest hops to end up in the back of the net. Check out Dwight King’s hopping, skipping, seeing-eye shot that finds its way past the veteran Brodeur:

Not hard to tell Brodeur is a bit frustrated by the bounce, especially as it put the Blues in a deeper hole, one they wouldn’t be able to claw their way out of.

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The puck skips around the hash marks, and takes a once in a lifetime kind of bounce. Not only does it get elevated well above Brodeur’s shoulders. Had the puck not decided to have a mind of its own, Brodeur was in perfect position.

It was King’s fourth goal of the season, but he likely won’t be scoring many more in this fashion.