ECHL fan wins $100,000 after scoring on shot from opposite blueline

A fan at an Orlando Solar Bears game was selected for the team’s first-ever $100,000 long-shot challenge. The fan had to shoot a puck from the far blueline through a four-inch hole at the far end of the ice, and he drained it on his first attempt.

The ECHL’s Orlando Solar Bears had their final home game of the season Thursday evening, and one of the events slated for the evening was giving one lucky fan a shot at winning $100,000.

In order for the fan to win the cash, a puck would have to be shot from the far blueline, more than 100 feet away, and deposited through a four-inch slot in a cutout covering the far goal. Given that a puck is three inches, the size of the hole in the cutout makes it that much more difficult to put the puck in — some would say scoring from that distance would be nearly impossible.

Well, not for Nick Giovanelli. He stepped up to take his shot as the first person to ever attempt this contest in Orlando and he scored to win the cash. Watch his incredible shot:

Again, keep in mind this was the first time the Solar Bears had run this contest. And in the very first attempt, Giovanelli scored and walked away $100,000 richer. Suffice it to say the Solar Bears may be thinking twice about bringing back the long-shot challenge for the 2016-17 season.

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