Ed Chynoweth: The best commissioner the NHL never had

The recent passing of former Western Hockey League president Ed Chynoweth has left a legacy that presidents and commissioners in other leagues should consider following. 

One thing he accomplished was keeping small market teams where they are instead of relocating them. He was quoted as saying “The smaller markets were here before the larger ones.  We’ve got to make sure to always take care of them.” 

Following his successful efforts he later issued the statement, “You can point to the competitiveness our league enjoys today.  The fact that Swift Current can compete with Calgary, Prince Albert with Vancouver.”

Now this is something the NHL should have considered before Winnipeg, Quebec and Hartford lost their teams. These three cities had their clubs long before the cities they moved to. If Chynoweth had maintained this position in the National Hockey League I’m sure he would have tried much harder to keep NHL small market teams in their original locations. This goes to show that Mr. Chynoweth had to be the best president or commissioner the NHL never had.

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I hope presidents and commissioners of other sports leagues, amateur and professional, will follow Ed Chynoweth’s successful effort at saving small market teams.

Tom Waters, Medicine Hat, Alta.