Edmonton’s Teddy Purcell extends Anaheim’s overtime misery

The Oilers dusted off the Ducks during 3-on-3 play thanks to the quick thinking of Anders Nilsson, Andrej Sekera and Teddy Purcell. But was this another blown opportunity by Anaheim, a team that needs points badly?

The Oilers got a much-needed win last night, thanks to big contributions from Leon Draisaitl and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. But it was the quick thinking of goalie Anders Nilsson and defenseman Andrej Sekera that made the difference, as the pair helped set up Teddy Purcell’s sweet overtime goal against Anaheim:

The victory was Edmonton’s first since Connor McDavid was knocked out of the lineup with a fractured clavicle and will surely help the team’s confidence. On the other side of the ledger, the Ducks continue to be a tipsy mystery. All the Oilers mentioned above deserve credit for setting up the quick-strike winner, but I can’t help but notice Corey Perry peeling off for a line change before checking on the status of the puck.

In 3-on-3 overtime, you just can’t leave so much to chance and of course, the Ducks got burned. Incredibly, this is the second time in as many games that Anaheim has lost in overtime due to a gaffe by one of its veterans – against Arizona, it was captain Ryan Getzlaf serving up the meatballs.

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In Perry’s case against Edmonton, I can understand if he was tired and needed to get off; the sniper was at the end of a 49-second shift. That’s not long, but it’s long-ish for 3-on-3 overtime. But had he waited just one more second, perhaps he could have gotten a beat on Sekera before the pass that ended the contest.

Or hey, maybe sometimes bad things just happen. Either way, for a team that was supposed to vie for the Stanley Cup, the Ducks are hemorrhaging points right now – and you can’t do that in the West, especially when you currently sit outside the playoff picture (just ask the Kings and Sharks how that went last year).

Anaheim needs to either tighten up or kiss their winning window goodbye, because things are not looking good right now.