Eight-year-old Russian kids involved in brawl during post-game handshake

On Valentine’s Day in Russia, two teams of eight-year-olds squared off to play hockey – and after the game was over, they faced off at center ice as part of a handshake line. But somehow, the handshakes disintegrated into a full-on brawl between the two sides.

On Valentine’s Day in Kazan, Russia, two teams of eight-year-old kids got together to play a hockey game. After it was over, the teams formed queues for the handshake line – and that’s where things quickly disintegrated into a brawl.

The squads – “Ak Bars 2” and “Wave” – squared off at the Vatan Sports Complex. And although there was no immediate tensions before the handshake line formed, something set off one young player from each side almost immediately, and within thirty seconds of the first fight breaking out, the melee had spread throughout the ice and involved many, if not most members of each team: (video via Youtube user tatpressa)

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This is far from the first time we’ve heard of a mass fight taking place between kids. The deeply engrained fight culture in the game leads to and will continue leading to brawls between people of all ages – and from around the world.