EIHL’s Braehead Clan wear amazing ‘Highland Cow’ jerseys, complete with horns

The Braehead Clan wore jerseys to pay tribute to their league-best mascot, Clangus, over the weekend, and the uniforms are glorious.

We’ve seen teams throughout the minor professional ranks dress as everything from Star Wars characters to the lovable Italian plumbing superheroes from Nintendo’s Mario games, but the EIHL’s Braehead Clan went head-to-toe with a brand new style.

In order to help raise some funds for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, the Clan decided to go all out in a getup that paid homage to their mascot, Clangus. Voted the league’s best mascot two years running, Clangus, a highland cow with a messy mop, was well deserving of the honor, and the Clan did right by their furry friend. 

The detail of the jersey is what really makes it, too. Not only does Clangus’ face adorn the front of the sweater, but the team had jerseys that appeared to have the texture of the mascot’s fur and the helmet decal was nothing short of brilliant. 

Instead of going with a simple side sticker, the Clan had a helmet-top design constructed that saw two horns reach up to each side of the helmet with a mop of hair, colored just like that of Clangus, falling down the front. Check this photo of Kyle Wharton in which the decal gives the illusion that the defenseman is wearing a set of horns:

Unfortunately for Braehead, the game’s result wasn’t nearly as great as the jerseys or charity effort. The visiting Dundee Stars skated to a 6-4 victory.

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