Either let ’em go or don’t

Dayton Brown, Fort Frances, Ont.

While watching the game between Edmonton and Minnesota on March 16, Zach Stortini and John Scott had the gloves off and were ready to fight, but what happened next made me scratch my head.

It is nothing new in the league, but the linesmen were quick to jump in to stop a fight. Here you have two heavyweights who have agreed to a fight, a possible momentum-changer at the beginning of the game.

Meanwhile, during the Pittsburgh and Boston game two nights later, Shawn Thornton goes after Matt Cooke. There were circumstances to this fight, yes, but here you have a bigger player taking on a smaller player with a fight that was definitely “pre-meditated.”

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The same situation of circling after the gloves are off happened, yet no one stepped in.

If the NHL wants to get rid of the goon persona, let the big boys play and cut down on the “redemption” fights. Or at least be consistent with everyone.