Enforcers would make Avery think twice

Congratulations, NHL. By neutering the role of the enforcer, you have traded in a game that once had integrity for one that now has…Sean Avery.

Avery’s antics in Game 3 were an embarrassment ; not just to fans, but to his own teammates! (Did you notice Chris Drury took time out of a 5-on-3 power play in order to skate over and tell Avery to knock off his bush league tactics?)

Avery is a clown, and this belongs in the XFL. Would he have gotten away with all of that if Scott Stevens were still on the ice? If enforcers were allowed to play their role and curb such league-humiliating stunts, I believe Avery would have thought twice about doing it.

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Instead, the league has removed the enforcer from the game and now instead of genuine tough guys, we get punks with the integrity of a rodeo clown.

Thanks, NHL. Hope it was worth it. Am I alone in this?

Eric Alt, Brooklyn, N.Y.