Evander Kane trolls Washington, wins the Internet

The Jets winger was putting his two cents in during an afternoon of football and once again had folks both laughing and fuming with his commentary on a controversial topic.

Rising Winnipeg Jets star Evander Kane is no stranger to controversy, especially when people don’t share his sense of humor. The powerful left winger was at it again Sunday, when he welcomed in the NFL football season by hitting Washington’s club with a wicked burn on Twitter:

Washington, of course, has constantly been in the sports news cycle lately for its controversial nickname, which Kane deftly undermined with his well-placed asterisks. As per usual, not everybody on the Internet agreed with Kane’s troll job and the comment thread is one to read at your own peril.

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But if you didn’t know before now, Evander Kane loves sports and Evander Kane is never afraid.

In the end, Washington lost to the Houston Texans 17-6.