Every player should wear HFC patch

My name is Jonathan C. Baum and I am a proud Cancer survivor. 

I love the fact the NHL takes a chance every so often and places an HFC patch on the Captain or the Assistant Captain’s jersey for charity.

My problem with it is this: Not only am I a Cancer survivor, but also a jersey collector.  There were a lot of times during my chemotherapy treatments where I turned to the sport of ice hockey to help keep me upbeat. Chemo is something I would not wish on anybody; not even my worst enemy. So each time the NHL puts together this jersey program, I try to bid.

An HFC jersey would be something of a holy grail of jerseys for me, but I simply can’t compete with others out there who have an excess of money who just want the jersey because of the patch. Beyond the jersey having the patch on it, it means nothing else to them. 

Why doesn’t the NHL allow every player on the team wear the patch? That would give me and the other working class Cancer survivors who collect jerseys a sporting chance.

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The NHL did it with the Garth Brooks for kids auction and also for the Hurricane Katrina victims. 

Yesterday I placed the opening bid on the Marty Lapointe HFC Hawks jersey. I bid $600, which I know will get toppled by others who just want the patch. I am not even sure I can afford the $600 because it is more than half of what I make every two weeks, but I knew if I didn’t start out there my bid wouldn’t even have been listed.

I’m not sure what kind of money HFC brought in 10 years ago with their patches on the Captain’s jersey, but I am sure it would be close to doubled if every player on every team wore the patch and then went to auction.

Jonathan C. Baum