Ex-boxing champ and Leafs fan Bowe says he’ll knock out Leafs coach if Toronto loses Friday

Two-time former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe has become one of the more vocal Maple Leafs fans – and Thursday on Twitter, he promised to get physical with Toronto coach Randy Carlyle if the team lost against Philadelphia.

The Maple Leafs have millions of fans and Thursday, one of their more prominent and vocal supporters – two-time former heavyweight boxing champion Riddick Bowe – garnered attention after promising on Twitter to pummel Toronto head coach Randy Carlyle if the team lost Friday against Philadelphia.

The 46-year-old Bowe – an Olympic silver medalist who went 43-1-0 (including 33 knockouts) in his pro career and was the first man to knock out Evander Holyfield – counts himself a passionate fan of the Everton soccer team from the Barclays Premier League, but also loves the Leafs after having lived in Toronto for decades. The 6-foot-5, 271-pound Brooklyn, N.Y. native has a decided size and age advantage over the 5-foot-10, 200-pound, 57-year-old Carlyle, but we’re sure Bowe was speaking in good humor when he posted the Tweet. He certainly showed he could take a joke when a hockey writer compared him to another active, charismatic figure on social media: