Extend the women’s Olympic final

Tom DiPerna, Denver, Colorado

Watching the Canadian women clinch their third straight gold medal in Vancouver behind the power of Shannon Szabados and Marie-Philip Poulin was quite a thrill.

However, I couldn’t help but be disappointed for the Americans. Women’s hockey has no Stanley Cup and the only thing that comes close is the Olympic gold medal.

I was sad to see a hot goalie and a skilled scorer force the Americans to wait four more years for another shot to win it all. To me, what would make sense would be to have the top two women’s teams play in a seven-game series.

The series would eliminate the problem of having one or two players win the gold medal single-handedly and force the losing teams to strategize and recover after losses, something that we’ve never seen in women’s hockey.

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The USA and Canada already play enough games against each other, so why not make the games matter? Barring major upset, the other games in the tournament are pointless and it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the USA and Canada will play for the gold.

Personally, I think the US and Canadian women’s teams are the best rivalry in hockey today and they deserve more than one game every four years for the chance to win a gold medal at the Olympics.