Facing the facts

The tragic death of Don Sanderson raises some very serious concerns over the role of fighting in hockey.

After reading the story on the incident in your Jan. 12 issue, I see some key points that have been raised. However, I also see key points from the other side.

As an avid hockey fan, I see fighting as a part of hockey; they go hand-in-hand, and can’t be separated. Since the game first began, people have been fighting each other. However, since there has been fighting, there have been people getting hurt. Now, after this Sanderson incident, the NHL, and hockey as a whole, need to crack down on fighting.

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Sadly, it seems removing fighting from the game entirely is the only way to accomplish this. If the NHL wants to ensure the safety of its players, it will have to penalize and suspend players for fighting.

It’s a sad fact to a hockey fan, but an inevitable one.

Ron Bronson, Waterloo, Ont.