Fan bursts into Paul MacLean’s press conference to tell him he’s “the f—ing best!”

During Paul MacLean’s final press conference with the Senators, a fan broke into the room and proclaimed her love for Ottawa’s ex-coach in a profanity-laced outburst. MacLean kept his composure and left the room laughing.

Paul MacLean had some memorable moments during his time behind the Ottawa Senators bench, so it’s only fitting that there was yet another during the press conference following his Monday firing. MacLean, in talking about how he will move forward from his dismissal, quoted Taylor Swift’s
Shake It Off. Seconds later, a female Senators fan – or maybe just a big Paul MacLean fan – burst into the room to declare her love for the ex-Senators coach:

Good on MacLean for thinking quickly on his feet there. I suppose you could say he wasn’t wrong when he said the reason for his firing was the losses and not the absence of a sense of humor. MacLean was fired as the Senators find them among the bottom of the NHL’s standing, and second last in the Atlantic Division. The fans in Ottawa will miss MacLean’s press conference antics – especially one extremely adoring fan.
(Video via Sportsnet)