Fan climbs glass, runs around on the ice during OHL game

A bizarre sight occurred during an OHL game between the Mississauga Steelheads and Guelph Storm Wednesday night, as a fan climbed the glass in the middle of play and slid around the ice.

Unlike other major sports, such as football, baseball and soccer, having a fan invade the field of play in hockey is rather uncommon because of the obstacle between the could-be nuisance and the ice surface. However, if said nuisance chooses to climb the glass, it’s a different story.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday night in Mississauga, as a man in attendance at the OHL contest between the Steelheads and visiting Guelph Storm decided that he wanted to get as close to the action as possible.

Midway through the second period, the man hopped up onto the dasher outside the glass and hopped over the glass as play was moving up the ice and out of the Steelheads end. Instead of immediately tackling him as he hopped over the glass, the referees simply blew play dead and let the “fan,” uh, dance around a bit? Run up and down the ice? Take a look:

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All told, the man spent “about 45 seconds on the ice,” during which time he slid into both the nets on the ice, according to GuelphToday’s Tony Saxon. An employee at the building, asked by the Mississauga News’ Iain Colpitts, said they had never seen anyone jump the glass in more than a decade of working in the building.

The man was escorted from the ice shortly after he climbed the glass, and play was resumed with no harm done other than an inconvenience to both teams and the rest of the fans. Having the short delay in play didn’t help the Storm much — or at all — as the Steelheads added another four goals after the interruption and skated to an easy 11-3 victory.

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