Fan Shootout: Bill Guerin

As a veteran, how do you feel about losing a team game in a shootout?
– Moses Aupaluktuq, Baker Lake, Nunavut

It’s a chance to get that extra point and that’s what is most important. That shootout loss column in the standings doesn’t reflect on how you played that night.

What style of leadership do you use in the dressing room and does it differ from other leaders on the team?
– James Tourigny, Ottawa

First of all, I like to lead by example. If something needs to be said, I’ll say it, but I’m not the type of guy who needs to hear my own voice all the time.

Would you agree that Josef Vasicek has been the most pleasant scoring surprise this year?
– Ken Spero, Westfield, N.J.

Definitely, he’s having a great season. He’s one of those guys capable of scoring if he’s put in the right situation and (coach) Ted (Nolan) has done that. And he has responded.

You have played with some great players and Hall of Famers during your career…Modano, Stevens. What impact do guys like these have on a player’s career?
– Jerry Plante, Pembroke, Ont.

The way they handle themselves everyday and the condition they keep themselves in – as a young player you really learn from that.

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I was wondering if you could please explain the advantages/disadvantages of having a player play on the off-wing as a forward.
– Dennis Granowicz, Macomb, Mich.

You end up receiving almost all your passes on the backhand and sometimes playing pucks coming around the boards is more difficult, but offensively you’re always on the one-timer side, so being set up for that helps a lot.

What do you think the NHL needs to do to get more press in America?
– Ryan, St. Louis

There’s so much competition out there for sports, we just have to keep improving the game and get a better TV deal.

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