Fan Shootout: Chris Higgins

Which player would be the worst to go into the corner against 1-on-1?
– Terence Mielke, Oshawa, Ont.

Going into Zdeno Chara’s corner isn’t what I would call a good time, but it feels great when we are able to beat him and the Bruins.

Growing up as a Habs fan, who was your favorite player and what was your favorite moment?
– Sylvain Gauthier, Quebec City, Que.

Patrick Roy. I would always play goalie in street hockey and obviously the 1993 Stanley Cup win was my favorite moment. I cried like a little girl.

Tell us about your stick. How do you prepare it, what kind of flex do you use and why did you go with that company?
– Humberto Yanez, Avondale, Ariz.

I use Bauer equipment. I’ve always used the skates and sticks (100 flex). I still use a wooden blade so I usually have the blowtorch out before the game to curve it just right.

Would you ever try the Michigan move (the lacrosse-style Mike Legg goal) in a game?
– Felix Sicard, Montreal, Que.

I’ve tried it in practice a few times, but you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting to see me pull that one off.

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