Fan Shootout: Joe Corvo

What is the most important skill for a puck-moving defenseman to have?
Isaac Turner from Kentville, N.S.

Probably just seeing the ice as well as you can. Also, keeping your head up and knowing what your options are when you have the puck.

Who was your favorite player growing up and why?
Devon Shepherd from Stony Plain, Alta.

Doug Wilson or Chris Chelios. I grew up watching them and I was always impressed by the crispness with which the Blackhawks played.

I’m a defenseman and I have a problem with guys cutting through the middle. I try to hit them, but usually miss. Any advice?
Devon Marson from North Bay, Ont.,

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You can’t treat it as an all-or-nothing situation, which is what happens when you go for the big hit. Work on your angles, because if you have the proper angle on the guy, you can’t miss.

Who’s your favorite band?
Brandon Kawashima from Los Angeles

That’s tough, because I listen to a lot of random songs. If there was one band I’ve consistently listened to, though, it’s Metallica, especially the old stuff.

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