Fan Shootout: Mark Streit

Daniel Hounjet from Saskatoon, Sask., asks What was the biggest change for you coming to North America from Switzerland?

It’s a whole different world. The NHL is the best league; the speed of the game, the intensity…and you play 82 games instead of 45.

Maddie Griffin from Brandon, Fla., asks Who is your favorite band?

It’s a Swiss-German rock band called Zuri West. They are from my hometown of Bern.

Olivier Morin from St. Lazare, Que., asks What exercises do you do to get such a great slapshot?

I’m working on it every day, taking one-timers after practice. You can always get better.

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Victor Lalonde from Kingston, Ont., asks What’s the key to being successful on offense and defense?

You have to take care of the defense first. After that it’s a matter of experience.

Glen Cuthbert from Hamilton, Ont., asks How is hockey developing in Switzerland?

It’s a popular sport, everybody loves it. There’s a lot of young talent and I would love to see more players over here trying to get their shot.

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