Fan Shootout: Niklas Kronwall

Matt Bekendorf from Millet, Alta., asks What is your favorite city to play in?
My favorite is Calgary. The fans are great and there’s always a lot to do around the city.

Josh Jackson from Stevensville, Ont., asks Who is the hardest player to play against and why?
Ryan Getzlaf. He is big and strong, so he’s hard to knock off the puck and yet he has great hands.

Sam Gorman from Antigonish, N.S., asks How do you know the perfect time to pinch and try to hit a forward coming up the boards?

The most important thing is to make sure you have someone covering for you before you decide to pinch, so you don’t get caught and put your team in a bad situation with an odd-man rush the other way. As for the actual hit itself, it’s all about timing.

Rafal Ladysz from windsor, Ont. asks Of the Olympic gold, World Championship and Stanley Cup, which was the most meaningful to win?

The most meaningful for me was the Stanley Cup in 2008. You go through such a long grind, working day in and day out with the guys for so long. To be able to achieve your goal and share in something like that with the rest of your teammates was a feeling that I will never forget.

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