Fan Shootout: Ryan Suter

Who was your favorite player growing up? Did you ever play against him?
Zac Kachuck, Calgary

My favorite player was my Uncle Gary and, no, I never got a chance to play against him.

If you could change one thing about the NHL what would it be?
Kimberley Watson, Eastgore, N.S.

I think the two-week break that we’re gonna have this year – I think that would be neat to have each year. Just to give the guys a little more of a break. Maybe shrink the amount of games so it’s not so compact.

How do you think hockey is progressing in the southern United States. Do you feel that the sport is gaining popularity on the traditional sports?
Jeff Kizziah, Birmingham, Ala.

I think it’s getting better. I think USA Hockey is doing a good job trying to build it. I think USA Hockey has done a good job and hockey’s definitely starting to grow in Nashville.

There is more kid’s teams and they’ll starting to finally to talk about adding another rink – and that’s a big thing. Right now there’s only three rinks in the Nashville area. They’re talking about another one, so I think that’ll be huge.

What particular dry-land exercise do you fell helped you the most?
Craig Kehoe, Kemptville, Ont.

A couple times a week in the summer I try to run the stairs at Camp Randall Stadium (in Madison, Wis.) in the upper deck. It’s something that Gary did when he played. And Chris Chelios as well.

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As a country music fan, how cool is it to play professional hockey in the country music capital of the world?
Conor Jennings, Humarock Beach, Ma.

I’m a huge country music fan and it’s neat. You’re here around town and you see some of the stars and some of the bars there right by the rink are pretty neat. And when you have family come visit, you can take them out and have a good time. Usually the (concerts) happen when we’re gone – that kind of sucks, but we try to get to as many as we can. The last one I was at was Brad Paisley.

Who has been your mentor since you arrived to the NHL?   
James Barlow, Poplar Grove, P.E.I

All the guys on the team have been great guys, they’ve helped me out. When I was first coming in guys like Scott Walker, Mark Eaton and Greg Johnson was the captain. It was always a good group of guys that helped me.

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