Fan takes XBox One from kid, but classy Red Wings make it right

When this fan sat in an empty seat, he thought he had won an XBox One. That is, until the ticket-holder showed up to claim the prize. When fans noticed, they helped try to make it right and when the Red Wings heard what happened, they offered an even better experience.

Detroit’s last home game of the regular season, a 2-1 loss to Carolina, was also Fan Appreciation Night at Joe Louis Arena. As is customary at these events, prizes were distributed throughout the evening.

And out of that comes this story about Mia Weinberg, who took her two kids to the finale. Two of the three seats they purchased at the last minute were together, while the other was off on its own. But when she took the kids to their seats, a third one next to them was open, so she decided to sit with them until that person came to claim the seat.

But the person didn’t show up. Not until little Elijah won an Xbox One sitting in the unpurchased seat, anyway. When he did, the ticket-holder showed up to claim his “winnings.”

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Rule 1: if you elect to not sit in your seat and a child wins a game console in it, step off bro.

So the rightful winner of the Xbox One (the one who was sitting in the seat) did not end up with it, but the kid did get an entirely different and more memorable experience. Fans around Elijah rallied. One gave him a signed Pavel Datsyuk puck, another gave him a Red Wings hat. But even the team stepped up to right the horrible wrong.

The kids were brought down to the ice after the game and met Jimmy Howard, who Elijah received a signed stick from.

Hear Weinberg’s story in this video. Take that, prize-stealing seat deserter.

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