Fans litter Bourque family lawn with hats after Rene’s trick

Rene Bourque kept the Habs alive with a hat trick in Game 5 against the Rangers, and fans in his hometown responded in kind by littering his parents’ lawn with hats.

There’s just something about the 2014 playoffs, isn’t there? The back and forth series, the great hockey, the rivalry, the controversy. And the link between the fans and the game has never been stronger thanks to social media. it’s a golden age of fan community. Case in point: the Twitter handle @opinionated_mom tweets the following to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Habs account after Montreal’s wild 7-4 win over Montreal in Game 5:
opinionated mom That’s right. After Bourque’s hat trick helped Montreal stave off elimination, fans in his hometown responded by
covering the Bourque family lawn with hats.

Pretty darned cool, even if, as
Yahoo’s Sean Leahy pointed out, it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of thing. Faster than you can say Bryan Bickell, Rene Bourque has eight goals in 16 playoff games after netting nine in 63 games this regular season. And his parents, Gary and Barbara, now own far more hats than they did in the regular season. Sure, the viral era of hockey coverage has its warts, but this is one of those times you want to celebrate how quickly we can share fun stories in this day and age. Well, unless you’re Mitch ‘The Wild Thing’ Williams.
He must be pretty jealous right now.
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