Farewell, No Ordinary Joe

Growing up in Quebec, Joe Sakic was our only reason to cheer for the Nordiques.

His incredible hockey sense, seemingly magical passes and impressive clutch goals raised him to a deserving pedestal; he was our idol. His accomplishments never ceased to amaze us – the only player to score 100 points with a last place team in the NHL.

In 1995, we were traumatized as our team left Quebec City for Colorado, but we kept cheering for Super Joe. He won the Cup twice, brought back the Olympic gold medal to Canada; what a career for Joe Sakic!

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His evolution as a player, improving his skating, developing the most devastating wrist shot in the NHL made him an invaluable asset to the hockey community, not to mention one of the greatest leaders in NHL history.

We will miss you, Mr. Sakic, what a gentleman, a classy player.

You will always be my idol.

Au revoir, Ti-Joe!

Jérôme Sirois, Woodstock, Ont.