First look at Martin Brodeur’s St. Louis Blues mask

Just hours after signing with the St. Louis Blues, fans can now take a look at the legendary goaltender’s brand new mask. While it may not have changed much, there’s still something very strange about seeing Brodeur in blue and yellow.

Martin Brodeur’s mask with the New Jersey Devils is somewhat iconic. There weren’t many changes made throughout his career and the design became synonymous with Brodeur. As if him sporting St. Louis colors wasn’t a strange enough sight, we now get our first look at what his mask will look like when he steps between the pipes for the Blues:

Brodeur Mask full The mask features all of the staples of Brodeur’s classic masks but with one slight, very obvious alteration: the Blues logo and colours replace those of the Devils. It was created by’s Sylvie Poitras. On the back plate, you can see he’s held over the standards from his masks prior. The three Stanley Cups, as well as the two Olympic gold medals, are on the right hand side of the plate, while the initials of his children are on the left. It’s a slick mask and simple in design, but it’s still so strange to see.

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