Flames’ Jones scores bank shot as puck deflects off Dumba’s head and in

Flames winger David Jones scored by having his shot deflected twice, with the final bounce coming off of Wild defenseman Matt Dumba’s face. It’s one of the weirdest goals we’ve seen all season, but Jones will no doubt take it.

Either David Jones is lucky or he’s someone you should watch out for around a pool table. It’s probably safe to say it’s the former after the Flames winger scored a goal that deflected off a stick, off of Wild defenseman Matt Dumba’s and into the net behind Minnesota goaltender Devan Dubnyk.

Jones was following the play up ice when he took a pass from Matt Stajan before firing it towards the goal. However, as Jones let his shot go, it was deflected by Wild defenseman Mike Reilly, which caused the puck to change course and go speeding towards Dumba’s face. Before Dumba could get out of the way, the puck ricocheted off of his head and changed direction again, this time into the net. You can’t make this up:

Obviously, there’s no way Jones could have ever planned that, but he’ll definitely take the two friendly bounces. The goal, which cut Minnesota’s lead to one, was Jones’ ninth of the season and brought Calgary close to fighting out of a three-goal deficit. Before the period was through, though, the Wild were able to extend their lead to 4-2 and went on to win 5-3.

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If Wednesday’s loss wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for the Flames’ playoff hopes, it has to be close. They’re now 12 points back of the divisional spot held by the San Jose Sharks and nine points back from the second wild-card spot held by the Nashville Predators. According to SportsClubStats, Calgary has roughly a 5.1 percent chance of making the post-season. Not good. But, hey, maybe Jones can map out a few more bounces like this and Calgary can make a late run.