Flames star Sean Monahan: Boring, or the funniest “straight man” in NHL history?

Sean Monahan is a rising young star for the Calgary Flames, but his personality is somewhat understated. Okay, forget “somewhat”. He’s a full-on master of the straight-laced, colorless interview, and he gave a perfect example along with teammate/housemate Lance Bouma.

Calgary Flames star Sean Monahan has earned a reputation as one of the NHL’s, uh, drier personalities. He’s got a famous and popular Twitter account in his honor that is all about his poker-faced persona and devoid-of-color quotes. And in a new video the 20-year-old center made with teammate and housemate Lance Bouma, he’s done nothing to suggest that image is undeserved.

Hearing someone blandly describe mundane actions and elements of his day is normally the type of thing that would make you run in the opposite direction as soon as possible, but there’s something riveting about Monahan’s fierce and unbreakable commitment to a monotone, literal world. You have to work hard to be this understated, and when you can drain every last drop of humanity out of two words like “Thanks, Lance,” as easily as you can be an excellent player on the ice, you’d have to say Monahan is a natural at being unnaturally boring. It’s a gift, really, and if any comedy duo like the Smothers Brothers should require a straight man one day down the road, they could do a lot worse than Monahan.

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