Florida’s Vincent Trocheck dives, gets called out by Barry Trotz

During Sunday’s game, with the Washington Capitals already on the penalty kill, Florida Panthers Vincent Trocheck embellished a slash from Brooks Orpik. After the game, Captials coach Barry Trotz called out Trocheck’s dive.

The NHL has made it clear that this season, more than ever, they’re cracking down on diving. As such, Florida Panthers winger Vincent Trocheck may be well served to watch his embellishment.

During Sunday’s game between Trocheck’s Panthers and the Washington Capitals, with the Cats already on the man advantage, Trocheck crossed in front of the net and took a quick jab to the leg from Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik. It shouldn’t have been enough to drop Trocheck, yet he fell to the ice in dramatic fashion.

If you watch at the top of the screen, you can see how Trocheck goes down rather quickly after the tap from Orpik. He also appears to be limping afterwards, which one could surmise is an effort to help the call along.

After the game, CSN’s Chuck Gormley spoke with Barry Trotz. “Orpik didn’t even touch him,” said the Capitals coach. “It put us 5-on-3 and we had a big kill there.”

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The Panthers failed to score on the two man advantage and the power play would expire with nothing to show for it, but Trotz continued on, saying he was on the referees side when it comes to the diving debate. “The referees have a tough enough job,” Trotz added. “And [diving is] something we should start addressing a little more in the league because it’s becoming a problem.”

Clearly, the league agrees with Trotz. Earlier this season, Nashville’s James Neal was fined for diving, and it’s obvious the league is putting protocols in place to discourage the act.