Flyers coach Hakstol owes University of North Dakota $100,000 for taking NHL gig

New Philadelphia Flyers coach Dave Hakstol owes the University of North Dakota $100,000 after signing an NHL coaching contract in the middle of his deal with the NCAA club. Hakstol is one of only four coaches to ever make the jump directly from the NCAA to NHL, but North Dakota prepared for that with a clause in his 2012 contract.

Dave Hakstol’s new job as coach of the Philadelphia Flyers comes with a hefty price tag, and it’s not the Flyers who have been given the bill.

According to the Grand Forks Herald’s Brad Schlossman, because Hakstol took an NHL job while still under contract with the University of North Dakota men’s hockey team, he owes the school $100,000 as a fee for leaving the school to take a professional coaching gig. The NHL out-clause wasn’t the only one in his contract, though.

If Hakstol had left for the AHL or signed on to be an assistant coach in the NHL, he would have owed the school $50,000, reports Schlossman. And, were he to leave the program to go to another school in the NCAA, Hakstol would have been on the hook for nearly $320,000 — the salary of his deal for the upcoming season were he to have stayed at North Dakota.

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The contract that Hakstol left with North Dakota was a six-year deal that was signed in 2012, so leaving this season means the coach left right in the middle of the contract. The clause should he leave for the NHL was put into his latest deal, but it seemed rather unlikely it would have been enacted due to how uncommon it is for a coach to make the jump from NCAA to NHL with no minor professional experience in between.

In his time at North Dakota, Hakstol coached the men’s club to a 289-143-43 record, and made the Frozen Four in six of his 11 seasons behind the bench. The Flyers hired Hakstol as their coach on May 18, making him one of only four bench bosses to ever make the jump from NCAA to NHL as a head coach.