Flyers equipment manager pulls hilarious snake prank

If you didn’t know before this hilarious prank by the Philadelphia Flyers head equipment manager, now you know: do not bring a snake anywhere near Luke Schenn.

After winning just one of their first six contests, the Philadelphia Flyers have gone on to rattle off three wins in their next four. You could say it’s thanks to timely scoring, improved goaltending, or, in this case, a loose locker room.

Derek Settlemyre, the head equipment manager for the Flyers, knows his job and does it well. He also knows how to pull a pretty great prank.

From tough guys like Zac Rinaldo to your finesse players like Claude Giroux, it seems everyone was given a jolt by Settlemyre’s prank. Expertly pulled off, if we do say.

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Maybe the best reaction of all came from Michael Raffl, who couldn’t be around the rubber cobra any longer and immediately headed for the hills. Honorable mention goes to Vincent Lecavalier for his wide-eyed “Ah!”

What’s your favourite hockey prank of all-time?