Flyers kid who despised Crosby jersey gets special surprise from Flyers captain Giroux

The Flyers and Penguins have a rivalry that runs deep. How deep? Deep enough that a young Flyers fan’s displeasure with getting a Sidney Crosby jersey for Christmas was enough to elicit a touching (and quite humorous) response from Philadelphia.

You may recall around the holidays a video that surfaced of a young Philadelphia fan opening up a “surprise” from his family members. The diehard Flyers supporter opened up a Sidney Crosby jersey, and immediately exclaimed, “Ew!” before backing away from the jersey like it was toxic.

If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out to prepare yourself for this.

Well, it appears the Flyers and captain Claude Giroux took notice of young Kohlsen Fisher’s support of his favourite team. Dean Fisher, who published the first video of Kohlsen’s reaction to the Crosby jersey, posted another one today, this time of the Philadelphia fan’s reaction to a different kind of surprise.

Not only did Kohlsen get a jersey signed – or scribbled on, if you will – by his hero, Giroux, his wish comes true as he also got an invite to come down and meet his favorite player. And he can wear his killer shades while he’s there.

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The gesture by the Flyers is both touching and a bit hilarious. The rivalry with the Pittsburgh Penguins apparently runs deep enough that, if you despise the team and make it evident, Philadelphia will embrace you with open arms. Full marks to the Flyers for this one, and we’re glad Kohlsen got a gift he can wear happily.