Former Canadiens coach Tremblay compares police officer to Subban during DUI arrest

According to the testimony of a Quebec patrol officer, former Montreal Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay made disparaging comments about P.K. Subban during an arrest in January 2013. Tremblay was pulled over driving nearly 30 kilometers per hour over the speed limit and his breath smelled of alcohol.

Former Montreal bench boss Mario Tremblay, 58, allegedly made disparaging remarks about Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban while trying to talk his way out of a drunk driving arrest, reports Le Journal de Montreal.

The report of the remarks comes the day after the arresting officer, Constable Maxime Perron, appeared in court to testify about the arrest in a preliminary hearing. When Perron stopped Tremblay, he was allegedly driving 79 kilometers per hour in a zone which had a posted limit of 50.

When pulled over on Jan. 25, 2013, Perron said Trembly smelled of alcohol, but was chewing gum. When asked to take a breathalyzer, Perron said Tremblay refused, saying if Perron made him take the test, he wouldn’t pass.

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“You have the choice of being right or being mean,” Tremblay reportedly said to Perron.

Then, when Perron placed Tremblay in handcuffs, the insults came.

“He compared me to some players, (saying) I’m like P.K. Subban and I have no judgment and I’m stupid,” the officer said in court.

Tremblay followed by saying he would meet Perron in court, calling him, “little man.”

The arrest resulted in Perron driving Tremblay home.