Former NHLer Laraque turns amateur crimefighter, helps detain suspect in attempted kidnapping

Former NHL tough guy Georges Laraque was part of a group of people who helped detain a kidnapping suspect at a Montreal park. Laraque, 39, was at the park to play in a celebrity baseball game.

During his NHL career, some would have said Georges Laraque’s job as an NHL enforcer was to police the ice, but this past Saturday, Laraque tried his hand at some amateur police work, if you will.

According to CBC, The 39-year-old, who played more than 700 games in the NHL over his 12-year career, was taking part in a celebrity baseball game at Montreal’s Jeanne-Mance Park when a man allegedly grabbed a seven-year-old girl and attempted to walk away with her. After hearing screams, a group of the players from the baseball game ran over to help.

After the suspect was apprehended and the girl was safe, a group of people — “about 20 to 30,” according to CBC — surrounded the suspect to keep him from leaving the area, or the park, before police were able to arrive to the scene. And if the suspect was going to go anywhere, he would have had to get by Laraque, who racked up more than 1,100 penalty minutes over the course of his career.

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“I just wanted to make sure that if he got up that I was going to tackle him right away,” Laraque told CBC News.

Laraque told CBC that “everybody” saw the incident take place and that there were many witnesses to the attempted kidnapping. Laraque, a father himself, called the incident surreal and added that it made him scared as a father.

“I have twins and this could happen to anyone,” Laraque told CBC. “We’ve heard stories of a child being abducted and to see [something] like that — it’s pretty scary.”