Fr. Costello belongs in Hall of Fame

Darrell Gibson, Seattle, Wash.

I recently read the article on Father Costello in the Nov. 1 issue and enjoyed it very much.

My wife, Beth, and I lived in Winnipeg in the early 1980s and her women’s group was looking for a fun, family orientated promotion to raise money for their association.

She ended up contacting Father Costello to see if the Flying Fathers would be interested in bringing their show to the ‘Peg.’

He penciled it in on their calendar and they put on a great show and helped raise money for a cause dear to my wife’s heart.

Meeting Father Costello was a treat. He was quite the character and obviously very dedicated to his faith and the game he enjoyed so much.

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Years later we were in Toronto for a family matter when I picked up the sports section and read that he had passed away the night before from striking his head on the ice in a warmup for a game.

I couldn’t believe he was still putting himself out there for the love of the game and the people he helped at 75 years of age.

I wholeheartedly support the idea of his being eligible for the Hall of Fame for the service he has provided to not only his community but the entire country through the game he loved so much.

God Bless Father C.