Frozen pucks key to better games

I am tired of watching skilled players trying to decide the most important games of the season with the puck bouncing around like a rubber ball.

Keep the pucks frozen! Seriously, this simple solution would greatly improve the quality of NHL playoff games.

Playing hockey well into May and June in cities with warm climates means it doesn’t take long for the puck to completely thaw out and begin bouncing around.

New frozen pucks need to be cycled into the game at every opportunity, much like the NFL cycles in new balls in games played in inclement weather.

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After a long period of play, the linesmen should get a new puck from the time keeper’s bench. A new puck should also be retrieved after T.V. timeouts.

The current practice of simply setting the puck on the ice during a T.V. timeout does little to keep it frozen. Making this simple change would help maintain the integrity of the game during the most important stretch of the season.

Scott Greason, Lambeth, Ont.