In honor of THN’s new Fighting Issue, check out this insane brawl from 2006

Watch as a game between Chinese and Japanese teams turns into an all-out brawl the likes of which is rarely seen. Look out for flying players.

With THN’s Fighting Issue hitting newsstands this week, it’s a good time to look back on one of the craziest on-ice brawls you will ever see.

Who knew that when it comes to hockey, Japan and China are rivals the likes of Canada and Russia.

This video, which comes from a user on video sharing site LiveLeak, shows an all out brawl between two teams – one reportedly from China and the other from Japan. There’s bodies flying during this all-out brawl:

(WARNING: Some language is not suitable for children)

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There’s little in the way of details about the brawl, and it looks like it’s taking place between teams that aren’t much older than 14 or 15. There are a few memorable moments in the video, several of which are players leaping in to the aid of a teammate.

Let’s hope everyone was all right at the end of the punch-up and that the two teams got it out of their system after letting loose on each other.