Get a first-person view of Sidney Crosby’s sick mitts

Sidney Crosby has some of the best hands in all of hockey and now you can watch a first-person view of him embarrassing two defenders. We feel bad for players that have to try and defend him.

There aren’t many reasons to feel bad for NHL players, but we think we may have found one thanks to a video released by GoPro showing Sidney Crosby deke around the ice.

The video, three minutes of Crosby showing off his ridiculous puck handling, shooting and hand-eye ability, is enough to put even the brightest of rec league stars to absolute shame. It gets worse, however, when you watch Crosby play 2-on-1… and he’s the one. Check out the Penguins superstar absolutely undress two defenders from his perspective:

There’s so much to love about this video that it’s hard to know where to start. In the first 30 seconds, Crosby has already pulled a one-handed backhanded deke between his legs twice and made two short saucer passes to himself before ringing the puck off the pipe.

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About halfway through the video is when Crosby goes 1-on-2 against the defenders and, although they’re obviously not giving their all, some of the moves he uses to slip by the stick checks are ridiculous. Like, say, the one handed pull to his own skates at the 2:05-mark of the video.

If none of that tickles your fancy, then how about the final move Crosby pulls, curling around the net, flipping the puck over the corner of the cage, skating to the front and swatting the puck out of midair and into the goal?

If we can expect more videos like this from the NHL’s partnership with GoPro, then we’re excited. If for no other reason than it’s incredible to watch skill like this up close and personal.