Getting To Know: Jason Chimera

The Washington Capitals checkers answers questions about his greatest and worst moment as an athlete, his earliest hockey memories and more.

Status: Washington Capitals left winger.

Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 213 pounds

DOB: May 2, 1979 In: Edmonton, Alta.

First Hockey Memory: “In Canada you grow up outside playing so those are the first memories. Skating outdoors with your buddies.”

Hockey Inspirations: “I grew up in Edmonton so anything Edmonton Oilers was kind of my inspiration. My parents were a big inspiration too.”

Last Book Read: “I don’t read books (smiles).”

Current Car: “Audi.”

First Famous Hockey Player You Met Or Encountered: “I can’t remember the first one. I remember going to signings with the Edmonton Oilers at West End Mall and trying to get all the autographs.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “It’s always – I won the World Championship one time with Team Canada was pretty big. And scoring – the first goal is obviously big. But nothing compares to scoring goals in the playoffs.”

Most Painful Moment: “I think the playoffs is the most – when you lose Game 7 is the most painful moment. You want to continue to win a Stanley Cup and your hopes are kind of dashed at that moment. So I think a Game 7 loss is the biggest…”

Most Memorable Goal: “Probably double overtime in New York one year. The playoffs, scored a double overtime goal. So that’s the most memorable one.”

Funniest Player Encountered: “Joel Ward is pretty funny. I’ll give him credit here.”

Closest Hockey Friends: “Brian Swanson – I played with him in Hamilton. Manny Malhotra – he plays in Carolina now. Probably two guys who I’m closest with.”

Fiercest Competitor(s) Encountered: “Guys like Chara. During playoff time they step it up a notch. It’s pretty intense.”

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Favorite Uniforms: “I like our uniform. I think our third uniform is pretty cool. It’s pretty classy, not too much. I think it’s a pretty nice uniform.”

Why You Love Playing Hockey: “It’s just the greatest game ever. I make a living at it. My son plays now. It’s a joy seeing his face. Keeps me young. It’s a game you come to the rink everyday with 23 of your good buddies and have fun. Even when you lose it’s still a fun game to play. No better way to make a living.”

Funny Hockey Memory: “Everything makes me laugh with hockey, I laugh everyday. I guess some of the plays guys make, guys falling on their own. I think there was once a guy who toe-picked and fell on his own, so that was one of the funnier ones you’ll see.”

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: “Golf.”

Three Athletes You Like To Watch And Follow: “I don’t really follow too many guys, I like to follow golf and the Olympics.”

Strangest Game: “We had a naked guy run in the Winter Classic in Edmonton. It was pretty cold out. That was probably one of the stranger moments.”

People/Personality Qualities Most Admired: “Just respect. The way they treat others, the way they interact around the family. I think respect is a big thing. Even keel. You treat everyone the same, I think that’s a huge thing.”

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