Getting To Know: Mike Hartman

This week’s Q&A session is with former NHLer and current hockey coach Mike Hartman.

Status: Former NHL left wing from 1986-1995 for Buffalo Sabres, Winnipeg Jets, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning. Recently launched the new web site

DOB: February 7, 1967 In: Detroit, Michigan

First Hockey Memory: “First NHL game in Montreal in 1986.”

Hockey Inspiration(s): “Clark Gillies.”

Last Book Read: “Power of Full Engagement.”

First Famous Hockey Player You Met Or Encountered: “I met Bobby Orr at a fundraiser in Michigan when I was thirteen.”

Nickname(s):  “Harty.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Playing in my first NHL game.”

Most Painful Moment: “Last NHL game in Pittsburgh.”

Most Memorable Goal: “Playing against Los Angeles. I played against Wayne Gretzky all night”

Fiercest Competitors Players Encountered: “Cam Neely.”

Closest Hockey Friend(s): “I made many great relationships from hockey.”

Funniest Hockey People Encountered: “Marc Bergevin.”

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: “Skating out on the ice in Calgary for warmups – myself. I was a rookie with Buffalo and the guys played a joke on me.”

Current Car: “BMW 3 Series.”

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Favorite Uniforms: “New York Rangers.”

Strangest Game: “Scored a goal on a dump-in and it took a funny bounce.”

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: “I love baseball, to watch, and when I was a kid I loved to play.”

Funny Hockey Memory:  “I got benched in New York because of a player making me laugh. It wasn’t funny at the time but looking back it was hilarious. (What happened?) The organ was playing and a banjo song was on and Nick Kypreos asked me if that noise is my hamstrings.”

Favorite Arenas: “Old Chicago Stadium.”

Worst Injury:  “Taking a snapshot in my eye. (Who shot it?) James Patrick hit me in practice by accident.”

People/Personality Qualities Most Admired: “Scott Bowman. Clark Gillies. Lindy Ruff. Mark Messier. Mark Napier. Mike Foligno. Wayne Gretzky. Kevin Lowe. Steve Larmer.”

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