Getting to Know: Red Wings defenseman Mike Green

Red Wings defenseman Mike Green talks about the impact Hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had on his career.

Status: Detroit Red Wings defenseman.

Ht: 6-1 Wt: 207 pounds
DOB: October 12, 1985 In: Calgary, Alta.

First Hockey Memory: “Probably skating on the pond for the first time with my dad (Dave).”

Hockey Inspirations: “I think my parents. I was a big fan of Scott Niedermayer – he was an inspiring player to watch. I idolized him. He’s kind of the reason I became a defenseman, and maybe molded into an offensive defenseman.”

First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered: “Would’ve been … I think it was Theoren Fleury to be honest. When he was in Calgary. (After a practice?) I think it was a school event. He came to our school.”

Greatest Sports Moment(s): “That’s probably my first game in the NHL.”

Most Painful Moment: “Would probably be … taking a puck to the face. (Shot?) Yeah. (Who?) It was a defenseman for Pittsburgh. Can’t remember his name right now. It might’ve been Brooks Orpik.”

Current Car: “I just lease a Range Rover Sport (navy blue).”

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: “Probably have to be Formula 1 racing.”

Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow: “Obviously LeBron James. Follow … who else … I mean I’m not a huge … (anyone in F1?) Not but I did follow a Moto GP racer, Rossi.”

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Embarrassing Hockey Memory: “Gosh …every time I flick the puck over the glass for a delay of game penalty probably [smiles], it’s embarrassing.”

Strangest Game: “Let’s see … a strangest game I thought was in the playoffs when Ovi had a hat trick and Crosby had a hat trick in the same game. So it was pretty strange. I mean that doesn’t happen very often.”

Favorite Uniforms: “Probably Red Wings, here, I would say, yeah.”

Favorite Rink(s) To Play: “Bell Centre.”

Why Do You Love Playing Hockey: “I just love the competitiveness. The team aspect. Winning.”

Last Book Read: “Right now I’m reading ‘The Intelligent Investor.”

Most Memorable Goal: “Probably my one here (Tampa). The eighth game – to break the record (NHL record of 8 consecutive games with a goal by a defenseman – previously held by Mike O’Connell of Boston in ’83-84).”

People Qualities Most Admired: “I like quiet confidence. Humble. Leadership.”

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