Getzlaf calls Ovechkin out, says he was diving “all over the ice”

Alex Ovechkin and Ryan Getzlaf got into a skirmish during Sunday night’s game between the Capitals and Ducks. Getzlaf didn’t take kindly to Ovechkin drawing a slashing call. Following the game, Getzlaf said he didn’t know Ovechkin was going to dive all over the ice, adding that Ovechkin’s actions were embarrassing.

Alex Ovechkin had quite the game Sunday evening. The Washington superstar scored two goals, added two assists, and, if you ask Anaheim’s Ryan Getzlaf, Ovechkin can even add a dive to his accomplishments.

After the game between the Ducks and Capitals, Getzlaf was speaking to media when he let Ovechkin really have it. There’s some NSFW audio, so beware of that before you listen.

If you didn’t catch that, Getzlaf said, “I didn’t know he was going to dive tonight the way he did, all over the (expletive) ice. That part of it’s a little embarrassing. Pardon my language.” The clip comes from a Burst user named Abbey M.

The play in question appears to come from the first period when, with less than ten minutes remaining, Ovechkin crashed into Getzlaf from behind along the glass. Getzlaf, taking exception to the hit, turned around and threw a slash in Ovechkin’s direction. For the most part, the slash missed, but Ovechkin still wound up on the ice.

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It’s tough to tell whether or not the dive was just that – a dive – or if Ovechkin lost his edge as he was starting to pick up steam. He doesn’t look back at the referee at all, so either he’s skillful in the art of drawing a call or this is one of those plays where not even he was thinking there would be a slash called. No call that would have been the right call in this situation.

Fortunately for the Ducks, the Capitals didn’t score on the phantom slashing penalty. However, Washington would go on to a 5-3 victory.