Gibson’s unique new Ducks mask allows fans to complete the design

Anaheim Ducks netminder John Gibson has a new mask, but the design won’t be finished until fans get their hands on a picture of it and connect the dots.

From Pacman to Duck Hunt to Donkey Kong, John Gibson has made a habit of using his masks with the Anaheim Ducks to pay homage to some childhood-favorite games. His new mask is doing much the same, but this time with a nod to a much simpler — and much more low-tech — activity: connect the dots.

On both the top and chin of the mask, a design has been put together in full, vibrant color. Across the crown of the mask is a white palm tree pattern to go along with the classic Mighty Ducks logo, with the chin decorated with Gibson’s No. 36 and two bears, matching that of the California Bear Flag. But the centerpiece of the mask is the unfinished work on the right and left panels of the helmet.

On the right panel is a connect-the-dots puzzle that features the face-on version of the Duck mask, a logo which was often used in secondary marks by the team during their days as the Mighty Ducks. And the puzzle continues on the left panel, with the traditional Mighty Ducks logo, including the crossed sticks, set to be completed.


The mask, created by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, is very likely one of the first of its kind and definitely marks a first-time design from the renowned mask artist. In debuting the mask, Gunnarsson wrote that the idea came to him while flipping through one of his children’s drawing books and he went to work on designing the mask for Gibson.

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Gibson has yet to don the mask for in-game action, but it’s likely to make its way onto the ice in the near future. Now all it’s going to take is Gibson making some well-angled stops with his noggin for the design to be completed in full.

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