Give Garth his due

The Islanders are rebuilding the franchise and no credit is being given to the owner or their “backup goalie” GM.

Since Garth Snow has taken over the GM duties on Long Island, he has done a very good job, but still doesn’t receive any accolades because of his former backup role. How many GMs are ex-hockey players? Brett Hull, Joe Nieuwendyk and Bob Gainey are some recent examples that come to mind. 

When Hull was made co-GM were the Dallas Stars slammed for giving the job to “an over-the-hill sniper?” No, but that’s what has happened to the Islanders. 

In the May 25th edition of THN, you dedicate two pages to say how bad of a job the Isles owner and GM have done, but 12 pages later you talk about the best and worst free agent signings and there – under the best – only two teams have more than one “best” signing: Detroit and the Islanders.

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Snow initially tried to develop the team by going through the free agent route, which we know didn’t work because they couldn’t attract free agents. So Snow developed a plan to build through the draft and player development. He has stuck to his plan and made some smart moves to stockpile draft picks in an extremely strong draft year.

Not bad for a backup goalie GM.

Shawn Delabbio, Innisfil, Ontario