Give Howe some hardware

Bernard J. Bisson, Centennial, Wyo.

I would imagine the argument as to who is the all time greatest player will not be settled in my lifetime (I’m 75 years old).

Given that maturity, I have seen Gordie Howe play as a young man and I’ve seen Wayne Gretzky.

For my money, and as a minor player/coach for about 70 of those years, Gordie is the man.

I read an article recently lauding the so-called “Great One” and suggesting and new trophy be named after him.

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That’s fine, but not until the truly great one get’s his.

Rocket Richard got his name on an award for top goal-scorer and the Vezina Trophy is named for a great goaltender.

Surely you can dream up something for Gordie Howe, the man who truly was “Mr. Hockey.”