Goals are down because accuracy is missing

I see the NHL wants more goals, but there are enough goals as it is. We have everything from 1-0 games to 6-5 games. I am happy with it.

My question is how come it’s always about what can we do to the goalies? What do the goalies have to do with scoring goals? He stops goals. Maybe the question that should be asked is “why can’t the players score goals?”

The answer is this. Watch the next All Star Competition’s shooting accuracy contest. How many can hit four out of four? For a million dollars a year most of them can’t hit four out of four targets.

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Maybe some of these guys should be practicing their shot instead of their golf game during the summer.

Don’t change the size of the nets, in my opinion it would ruin the game. The real problem as I see it is our hockey players lack basic skills when it comes to shooting.

Listen to a broadcast and see how many times you hear “he missed the net.”

Goalies have got better over the years, but also players’ skills have declined to the “trap” level.

Curtis Taylor, Qu’Appelle, Sask.