Goaltending question? What goaltending question?

As a big Penguins fan, I am following all the discussions about the goaltending issue.

Well, the fact is, Ty Conklin has better stats than Marc-Andre Fleury, so why all the discussion?

OK, Fleury is young, talented and had 40 wins last season, but he’s still too young to play consistently well from game to game.

Sending him to the minors isn’t a good solution, either, so why not give Conklin the No. 1 spot and have Fleury as the backup?

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This would be a good competition for both goalies.

You have to mention Conklin is playing very well and he has to improve his play behind the net. That’s his weak point, but with Fleury sitting on the bench, he might improve that problem.

Yours sincerely,

Joerg Hayden, Villach, Austria