Good riddance, Coyotes

With all this talk of Phoenix, I can understand the heartache of a Coyotes fan (if such a creature exists).

In 1997, while I was studying abroad, someone swooped in and stole my beloved Whalers!

Upon my return, I started to look into what happened. As I delved in, I discovered that the commissioner was partially involved in the destruction of the Whale (See: the dealings in 1994 when the Whale was up for sale).

In fact, his quest was the extermination of the “small market” team and find growth in ‘Sun Belt’ cities that seemed to show prospect for new revenues. It helped there were a lot of well-to-do snowbirds with money there, such as Phoenix.

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I take an almost joyous exuberance in the possible death of the Coyotes in Phoenix. I almost pray for their demise so it would become egg on the face of Bettman and his cronies on the board who killed smaller, more loyal and traditional NHL markets (see Winnipeg, where the ‘Yotes came from).

Way to go, Gary, way to go!

Erich N. Lenz, San Diego, Calif.