Gordie Howe did not have a stroke: Son

After initial fears that Gordie Howe had suffered his third stroke since October, it was discovered in an MRI in Texas Tuesday that Howe did not suffer a stroke, but took a turn for the worse likely because of fatigue and dehydration.

An MRI on hockey legend Gordie Howe indicates he did not suffer a third stroke as was first feared and the family is hoping he can be discharged from a Texas hospital tomorrow.

Howe, who is 86 and suffers from advanced dementia, was found by therapists and was unresponsive on Monday, sparking fears he had suffered another massive stroke. But Mr. Hockey has appeared to have rallied and was, according to family members, alert and ate well in hospital Tuesday night. Howe suffered his first major stroke in October and it’s believed he had another mini-stroke on Saturday.

But it’s thought that rather than having had a stroke on Monday, Howe’s condition was more the result of dehydration and fatigue. “He’s alert and ate well tonight,” Howe’s son Murray said in an email to family and friends. “I spoke with him briefly on the phone. He’s still him. Just worn out.”

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Howe has been battling serious health problems since October, when he had a stroke while at his daughter’s home in Lubbock, Texas. Howe had an epidural last week to relieve him of the back pain he has been experiencing after undergoing spinal surgery over the summer.