Guess what happens when Nathan MacKinnon races an Olympic speed skater

The Colorado Avalanche center is known for his powerful stride and his explosiveness, but can he beat a guy whose life revolves around skating really fast? There’s only one way to find out.

Calder Trophy winner Nathan MacKinnon is a fast dude. He has already made countless defensemen look silly with his skating prowess and promises to do more of the same in his sophomore season, but just how fast is he?

In a video produced by CCM (MacKinnon endorses their line of Tacks skates and wears them in the clip), the Avs pivot takes on Canadian Olympic speed skater Charles Hamelin, who has two golds and a silver medal to his name. The result? See for yourself:

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That’s pretty impressive, even if it is only over a short distance. And don’t forget, MacKinnon was competing in full hockey gear, not the aerodynamic suit Hamelin was rocking.